After the Storm

Futures we can get behind!

The Liar of Freehold

He was like a scorpion you found in your boot; by the time you realized it was there, too late. Damage done.


“I just wanted to make food,” Lou said. “You’re the one who made it into something more.”

Compelling Interviews

Read Sci-fi Novella ‘Bone Rush’

Bone Rush: Chapter Three

The obvious agony of their deaths was one thing; the fact that no one had bothered - or been able - to bury them was another.

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“The Old Boy’s Club” Extended Universe

The Oldboys March!

“…twenty years ago today, our spiritual forefathers gathered upon this spot to protest a horrible injustice”

Sic Transit

“Yeah, sure,” Borenstein muttered, sipping his margarita as outside, another bus whirred past.

Featured Writer: Sudip Bhattacharya

Can’t Let It Fester

“…he swallowed, and touched his jaw. It still throbbed but at least his teeth were intact.”


“…Juliana finally asked if he still thought being a journalist was useful.”


Constantly thinking about the meaning of life as a tsunami crashes over you isn’t always the sensible step.